Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Show

Twin Peaks 1

At Clifton's Cafeteria in Los Angeles, February 13th. Above print of a pin by David Lynch.

Twin Peaks 5

This was the reason for going to Clifton's the other day. Very glad we did go. Got to finally see some of Mr. Lynch's work and also photos by Richard Beymer. Would be great to see more of Mr. Beymer's photos in the future.

Twin Peaks 2

Very creative work there like this puzzle piece by Paul Chathem.

Twin Peaks 4

Which when spun enough ends up looking like this. Titled 'A Damn Good Cup Of Coffee'.

Twin Peaks 6

'Walk With Bob' by Tim Biskup.

Twin Peaks 7

'Cooper' by Jessica Joslin. You can see a bigger version if you click on the photo and then check the sizes on Flickr. This is amazing. It's a plastic bird skull btw.

Twin Peaks 8

'The Owls Are Not What They Seem' by Margaret Meyer. That's Bob in there.

Twin Peaks 9

'She Said' by Glenn Barr.

Twin Peaks 10

'Concentrating on the J's' by Scott Campbell. I really like this. Plus it reminded me about the donuts!

Twin Peaks 11

'A Small Logging Town' by Amy Casey.

Twin Peaks 12

'Audrey' by Stella Im Hultberg. Stunning portrait I think.

Twin Peaks 14

'Looks Like A Hog To Me' by Eric White. I dig the concept of making this like an older tv set.

Twin Peaks 13

Twin Peaks 15

'Crystal Deer' by Elizabeth McGrath.

Twin Peaks 16

One of Grace Zabriskie's very creative boxes.

Hope you found this a bit interesting. I did. Excellent location for this event.

Oh yeah, this was put on by Twin Peaks Productions. Their site for the show is here:

Even better is that they are selling merchandise related to Twin Peaks. Like Double R coffee cups, Great Northern Hotel stationary and Packard Saw Mill work aprons. Not sure if they are still selling the David Lynch coffee but one could ask if interested.