Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rose City Comic Convention 2013

RCCC 9-21-13 1

My limited exposure to comics in Oregon was at a shop inundated by guys in black t-shirts. So I thought it would be at RCCC, otherwise known as Rose City Comic Convention in Portland.

RCCC 9-21-13 19

Thankfully that was not the case.

RCCC 9-21-13 18

I was rather surprised at the number of cosplayers and media fans that were here.

RCCC 9-21-13 16

Especially at the depth of quality many showed like these fan made droids.

RCCC 9-21-13 15

Definitely a place to be photographed.

RCCC 9-21-13 2

With accessories.

RCCC 9-21-13 4

It wasn't all mainstream.

RCCC 9-21-13 12

With enough variety in the booths to give many something to look at.

RCCC 9-21-13 11

From classic toy robots to talking pieces of wood.

RCCC 9-21-13 10

Animatronics anyone?

RCCC 9-21-13 9

Many artists of comic books and fan art were present.

RCCC 9-21-13 7

Plus you could find parts for your own dress-up desires.

RCCC 9-21-13 5

Sure there was mixing of fandoms.

RCCC 9-21-13 23

But who are you going to call?

RCCC 9-21-13 22

Perhaps this guy who spent three years making this amazing Ghostbusters Proton Pack complete with flashing and moving lights.

RCCC 9-21-13 21

Not to fear though, there was some anime there. Like this lovely girl who dressed as Maka Albern from Soul Eater.

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