Monday, November 15, 2010

Sanrio 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit, Baker Hanger, Santa Monica

Simone Legno best

So this was a surprise for me. I'm going to start with the last piece I saw. I knew Simone Legno did one piece for the Sanrio 50th Anniversary show. That was the one with the kaiten zushi. This one I didn't know about and I have to say I really like it. Makes me wish I was rich so I could buy it. Oh well. I like how he was able to get the look of a rainy Tokyo night.

Jesse LeDoux

Now in no particular order and not every piece that was there. This is "Family Portrait" by Jesse LeDoux. I really like the retro look of this.

Terry Hoff

Terry Hoff's "Magic Melody". I thought this work was interesting because I believe the "blobs" are fabric. Or something along that line.

Martin Hsu

Martin Hsu's "Sanrio's 50th Family Vacation".

Gary Taxali

I love this piece. "Hey!" by Gary Taxali. I'd love to put this up where I eat but then again I don't have the guts to spend $7000. Sigh.

Jason Mecier

"Dokidoki Yummychums" by Jason Mecier.

Jason Mecier 2

It's made out of jelly beans. Really.

64 Colors

64 Colors, an artist I was not familiar with but definitely going to look up now.

64 Colors 2

64 Colors prints for sale.

Amy Sol

Amy Sol! So happy I got to see one of her works finally. I have enjoyed seeing her creations for a while now. Not surprised that her "Kitty Collecting" was one of the first pieces sold.

Joel Krook Raul

Joel "Krook" Raul's "Goldzilla (Hangyodon)". Shiny!

Misha 1

Misha 2

Misha 3

Misha's "Sugar Skulls" series.

Joe Leadbetter

Joe Leadbetter 2

Joe Leadbetter's installation. I am tempted to get this print.

Buff Monster

Buff Monster's installation.


Sharktoof's "Sanrio Stories"

Camilla d'Errico

"Pom Pom Kitty Pie" by Camilla d'Errico. I really like this lemon haired girl and her friends.


"Fishy Greetings" by Kozyndan. Impressive to see this in person.

Audrey Kawasaki

"Tabo and Friends" by Audrey Kawasaki.

Peekaboo Monster 3

Peekaboo Monster

Part of Peekaboo Monster's installation. I think it's going for a "Fight Club" theme...

Sanrio soap

Right down to the soap.

sanrio 50th 3

Dan Goodsell's installation.

Sanrio 50th Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno's "Sanrio Dream". I am so impressed by her work. They also had the pencil sketch for this with little bats painted on the corners of the frame. Adorable.

I almost forgot these two.


Great figures by MAD. Small versions would be welcome.


And my other favorite painting there, by Kukula.

Simone Legno

And Simone Legno's other work that was hinted about before the show. Cute take on kaiten zushi.

Simone Legno 1

I like this little detail including something written in Italian, as if he was at the restaurant and left a little drawing for them.

Simone Legno 3

And of course Hello Kitty beer ad.

Well hope this was worth looking at. Glad to be able to share this!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am a sad panda

Because I did not get to the Gallery Nucleus Opening. But I did get to see this today

Sanrio 50th Junko Mizuno

One of Junko Mizuno's wonderful paintings. Which was here

sanrio 50th